Scotch fibers - 3M Brite

Coupled with a double function for general cleaning, consisting of an open nonwoven fiber impregnated with hot-rolled material and a high absorbent synthetic sponge. To remove dirt and food residues from: tiles, tables and floors.

  1. 1
    3M-12857 Green Fiber 96 - (60 pcs.)
    3M abrasive fiber with medium aggressiveness for general cleaning. Ideal for cleaning pots, dishes, kitchen equipment, suitable for the removal of food waste. Easy to handle, durable, leaves no residue and does not rust.
  2. 2
    3M-20942 Paired Sponge Nut NS20 (48 pcs.)
    3M sponge mate made of a violet fiber with a moderately aggressive open structure combined with a highly absorbent synthetic sponge
  3. 3
    3M-24493 Dual-function fiber 96 HEX - (15 pcs.)
    The new 3M Scotch-Brite ™ 96HEX dual function fiber features a yellow abrasive side with "Power Dots", specially developed to quickly remove encrusted dirt, and a green side that eliminates small food and grease residues.
  4. 4
    3M-67447 Paired Sponge
    Paired 3M sponge consists of a synthetic non-woven fiber with open structure, whose abrasive material is bound by tough resins, glued to a synthetic sponge. For removal of food and residues from pots, grills and other equipment.
  5. 5
    3M-67630 Paired 74 Heat-sealed Sponge
    3M dual-function product for general cleaning, consists of an open non-woven fiber impregnated with hot-rolled material and a synthetic sponge that acts as a detergent tank for the abrasive part.